JASMINE - love and grace - flower sign with meaning bracelet- handmade sterling silver 925 pendant on 40cm long cord

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Product Description

Whispers of flowers

Whispers of flowers are mysterious, they cannot be seen, heard or touched... they must be heard by the heart. Flowers are as different as their whispers. Listen and you will feel that the sky-blue, tiny Forget-me-not wishes bring true love and hope, the joyful Daisy - loyal love and the Peony - wealth and good health.

Wear a jewel and remember to listen and hear the whispers of flowers.


The delicate and aromatic JASMINE is a symbol of love and grace.

This is a handmade design piece which is hand stamped in silver. Every single jewel is made with love, to be unique and special reminder of your wishes and be closer to achieving them!

Sterling Silver 925 bracelet

Pendant size: 1,7cm
Cord length 40cm, adjustable
Packaging: jewel placed in brown linen bag and metal can. Can sizes d:56 mm and h:61mm.
Logo, flower picture and flower description printed on can

Handmade jewellery and handbags which tell a story

Origins of our jewels are to be found in the legend „Three knots of wind”. Where the owner of the magical rope with three knots was ruler of seas and winds. Just like this fairytale, 3 wind knots jewelery will bring love, joy and many miracles in the life of the person wearing it.

All jewels are handmade in Latvia, using sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, bronze and other materials.