Wisdom necklace - Forest Goddess with fox pendant- Sterling silver 925

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Product Description

Goddess jewellery symbolizes a woman's higher nature and beauty. There is strength, ingenuity, love and many other good features in each one of us. We are and can be successful and happy. Let’s wake the Goddess inside of us!

Inspiration. When referring to Latvian mythology, we can find a Goddess (Mother) for almost everything or phenomenon of nature. (Goddess of winds, Goddess of the Seas, Goddess of the Forest, etc). The Goddess guarded, gave advice, guided us to the right path and was even harsh when it was needed.

It is essential for women nowadays to support and inspire each other daughter, mother, friend, colleague, cousin, grandmother etc. We can be the Goddess for ourselves or part of the inspiration for others.

The necklaces and bracelets have two pendants: goddess and animals or birds. On left side of pendant is written meaning of goddess.

Goddess of Forest - Wisdom

Get to know your true self. Be yourself, not someone else. Do what you enjoy the most. Devote time for yourself and your loved ones by providing and sharing your wisdom and love.
The fox - ingenuity and wisdom. Passion and energy.

- hand made jewellery in Latvia
- sterling silver 925
- chain length 45 cm*
- thickness of pendant 0,1 cm
- diameter of pendant 1,5 cm
- carton box packaging: 11 x 11 cm, with meaning description in Latvian or English

* available also 55cm chain, contact us for customization!

Handmade jewellery and handbags which tell a story

Origins of our jewels are to be found in the legend „Three knots of wind”. Where the owner of the magical rope with three knots was ruler of seas and winds. Just like this fairytale, 3 wind knots jewelery will bring love, joy and many miracles in the life of the person wearing it.

All jewels are handmade in Latvia, using sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, bronze and other materials.